I help worn out coaches and therapists who are sick & tired of never hitting their income goals grow a fully booked business without the hustle 

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Tired & broke to fully booked with a booming bank account!

I know exactly what it’s like to be so passionate about your business, work super hard every day but still look at your bank account and not have any money for clothes or holidays. Back in 2012 when I first became a therapist, getting clients was a struggle and, like you, all i was able to do was pay my bills, there was never any money for fun things. 

But when I realised that the struggle had more to do with how I felt about myself, and started working on my own inner story. I went from just making ends meet, to £5k months, and i don’t worry about money any more

I realised that the only thing stopping me from hitting those 5K months was my own beliefs. By always talking about being broke or never having enough that’s exactly what i was creating. It was all about my sense of self worth. I subconsciously wasn’t allowing myself to be successful.

If this is you right now, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to struggle. The ONLY way to success to to know yourself and how you get in your own way. To uncover the beliefs and stories that are holding you back and transform them into new empowering stories that propel you forward. 

I know exactly what it takes to be fully booked as a coach and therapist because I’ve been doing for 5 years now. And it has nothing to do with working longer hours, finding more clients or sleazy sales tactics. It’s about doing the inner work, getting to the root cause of why you do all the things that stop you from creating your dream income. 

This is what I want to help you to do! 

I see so many people with amazing gifts who work super hard, feel burnt out, don’t make any money and become resentful of their clients. I don’t want that for you. 

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Here Is How I Can Help Your Achieve Your Goals

Self study courses

  • Are you ready to start moving your business forward instead slogging away and not getting anywhere?
  • Are you sick and tired of not having enough money? Are you stuck in a lack mentality or not-enough-itis?
  • Do you love the idea of creating a business that brings in enough income for you to be able to have more freedom, go on holiday more often, have more disposable income, have money to take care of your family?
  • Is it time now for you to get out of your own way, to get support with moving forward and shedding the old story of lack of money and lack of confidence?
  • I have created a range of self study courses to empower you to start achieving your goals and really get your business going! You can study in your own time and anyone who joins one of my courses gets added to a private Facebook group for 1 month for extra support and guidance from me!

1-2-1 Coaching

  • Are you looking for more personalised help so that you can start creating your dream income? Sometimes we get so stuck in our story that we cant see the woods for the trees. I help you overcome the confusion, procrastination and fear so that you can move forward faster.
  • Is it time now to ditch the overwhelm and self doubt? Are you tired of putting things out there and nothing happening?
  • Are you ready to help more people and start achieving your goals? To release the mindset blocks you have and begin to attract more clients to you so you can have that better income and lifestyle that you are so ready for!
  • Would you like closer support & coaching to get you to the next level much quicker than doing it on your own? Then my 1-2-1 coaching plans are for you, choose from either the 3 month freedom package to the 6 month enlightened entrepreneur programme

Group coaching

  • Joining one of my group coaching programmes is a deeply transformative experience!
  • These mastermind coaching programmes usually run for 4-6 weeks and are all based around helping you get out of your own way, do the inner work and create greater success!
  • Topics for courses include high worth-high wealth, creating a miraculous money mindset and loving yourself to success
  • Watch for details of upcoming programmes on this page and in the Facebook group!

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