1-2-1 Coaching

I remember my first experience of hiring a coach

I was at a seminar to help people in the wellness industry get more clients and grow their businesses. The brochure was handed round with the details and price for a 2 year business coaching programme, before i had even looked at the prices i had decided i was going to say yes. When i looked at the prices my heart jumped into my mouth! But deep down i knew i needed to do something that would help me get to the next level in my business. I was stuck, i had some clients but i wasn’t making much money and i was sick and tired of never having the money to do nice things like buy clothes and go on holiday.

It was the best decision i ever made. Not long after i joined the programme I went from making £200 a month profit, to making £2200 a month profit. Not long after that i had my first £5k month.

I’m a big believer that we need help to get us a bit further up the ladder.

I know that you’re ready to create more success in your business, you’re ready to get more clients and achieve those income goals that you just don’t seem to be hitting right now. You feel frustrated and often you look at other people in your field and wonder why you can’t seem to achieve what they are achieving. The thing is you can, but what often happens is that our subconscious beliefs and stories that were created when we were very small are getting in the way, the most frustrating thing is that we have no idea what these beliefs and stories are, but the symptoms of these beliefs are often some form of self sabotage – procrastination, visibility fears, lack of self confidence, lack of belief in yourself or your abilities (I bet you’ve done a TON of courses!!) lack mindset or not enoughness.

Part of you knows you’re playing small and you know it’s time to change.

But change is scary! I remember how i felt sat in that seminar, knowing that i needed to do something to move me forward.

1-2-1 coaching with me is based on 3 pillars, mindset coaching, soul alignment and energy alignment

Mindset coaching – This process involves uncovering the limiting beliefs and stories that you are holding onto that are preventing you from moving forward. Part of you wants to create success but part of you wants to hold onto these stories. I help you uncover these beliefs and stories and help get ALL parts of you onboard with what you want to achieve. This way there less self sabotage and you’re much more likely to achieve your goals. It’s all about working with the ego rather than it working against you.

Soul alignment – This is all about doing what feels right for you in your business. Creating ease instead of hustle and struggle. Being in flow with growth, success and abundance rather than feeling fear.

Energy alignment – Mastering energy alignment is all about becoming a magnet to all that you desire! Learning to become a limitless receiver

I work with you to help you release the resistance to success and abundance, so you too can turn that corner and uncover your next level income. I know you’re ready to create more, to sop playing small and start serving more of your soul clients, leave that job or book that next holiday!!

3 month freedom package

6 x 60 minute coaching calls (2 calls per month for 3 months)

Access to Louise in a private VIP Facebook group

Cost £888

Pay in full or 3 payments of £296

6 month flying high package

12 x 60 minute coaching calls (2 calls per month for 6 months)

Access to Louise in a private VIP Facebook group


Pay in full or 6 payments of £277


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