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You came here to live a limitless life!

We are repeatedly told of the practices, strategies and formulas we need to follow to create an incredibly successful, happy, business & life, but the thing is we are all different, we all have our own way of using our energy to become our most successful self.

You have incredible gifts and talents and a way to use your energy that is totally unique to you. The same advice that we are told to follow doesn’t work for everybody!

You came here to live a limitless life and that’s what human design is here to help you do. To recognise your unique gifts and talents, and teach you how to use your energy for more ease & flow so you can truly live a truly limitless life.

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We are not all wired the same, we are all different! How you do business is totally different to how I do business and how the world expects you to do business!

When you follow your human design strategy & authority things get sooo much easier

Attracting clients and making money become easier, because knowing your human design means that you know how to use your energy correctly

In a human design reading we do a deep dive into your chart and take a look at your natural gifts and talents and your unique energy blueprint, A reading helps you to identify your unique strengths and how to align your energy for more success, ease & flow. It helps you to get in sync with who you truly are and release all the conditioning that keeps you playing small. Often we are trying to be what we are not, human design helps you to understand exactly who you are, so you can step into that and really own your uniqueness.

If your reading is more geared around business, then your reading will help you identify the strengths you have, so you know what to focus on in your business. The reading will tell you if you’re build to be strategic, meant to plan, focus or be disciplined (or not) and help you understand how marketing sales and attracting money and clients work for you and your specific human design type.

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I just had my Human Design Reading with Louise and it was incredibly helpful and eye opening. Before booking the session I had watched some Live Trainings in Louise’s FB group, so I already knew that I liked her vibe a lot and that I resonated with the way she speaks and explains things. I’m a Human Design Newbie and wanted to understand how I can leverage my HD type’s strengths and weaknesses specifically for my business. Louise made me realise that I was forcing certain things that aren’t aligned with my HD type and I’m effectively wasting my energy. I learned what to focus on instead and it feels so good to have this clarity and understanding now. I now know how I want to move forward in my business and feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you again for this amazing reading, Louise!

Charlotte Ripke

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