About me

I’ve been where you are right now, feeling stuck, confused and getting nowhere fast!

I’m Louise Howard and i am a spiritual success coach to spiritual entrepreneurs. I help you get out of your own way, create a mindset that works FOR your success rather than against it and help you create clarity, ease and abundance in your business.

As a woman in my late 30’s I found myself working a corporate job that I hated, I was physically ill and suffering from anorexia. I knew I needed help so I decided to go for a reiki treatment and somebody in work gave me a book called stairways to heaven by Lorna Byrne (about angels) This changed everything for me. I loved reiki so much I decided to train in it and set up my own holistic therapies business. I quit my job and trained as a therapist. I did course after course, massage, reflexology, facial reflexology, reiki, pregnancy massage, fertility reflexology you name it I trained in it!

Like you i had a deep passion for my work and big dreams of creating a successful business but i was confused, changing my mind, procrastinating and had a lack mindset – Not a great recipe for success!

I was making very little money!

I had a lot of ‘stuff’ to get through. I was recovering from an eating disorder. I had to work on loving and valuing myself once again. I had a terrible lack mentality – there was never enough of anything! Particularly clients! Small things would throw me into a huge kerfuffle. I would often be in victim mode – “Nothing ever works for me!” “It’s not fair!” “I cant do this!” I was confused, always busy but not making any money (the ego loves to confuse us!) and procrastination was very easy for me. I had no confidence and very little self worth.

Then i joined a business coaching programme and a mindset coaching programme. I also did a foundation year in psychotherapy and learnt EVERYTHING i could about mindset and manifesting, things began to change!

Within 4 months of getting help i had 7 x my profit! The more i figured out my own ‘stuff” dug deep and uncovered more about myself and learnt about business the easier life became. I found it easier to get clients. I made more money. I had clarity. All I needed was some support and some deep mindset work. I finally had money to go on holiday and live my life! I now help other spiritual entrepreneurs (therapists, healers & coaches) get out of their own way and create a successful profitable business that they love!

After everything I have experienced I absolutely believe these things are essential. Firstly support, doing it on your own will only get you so far. Secondly work on yourself EVERY DAY. The issue with working on yourself is that we generally cant see our own ‘stuff’. We are too invested and involved in it and the ego is tricky! But a coach can help you see the woods for the trees. A coach can help you to SEE the patterns of behaviour you cause you to self sabotage and help you to change them. It’s the most essential part. If you are ready for massive growth then hop on a clarity with me by clicking the button below.


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