Creating wealth training

Creating wealth training

A step by step guide that will help you to

  • Uncover your money story, the one you have on repeat but probably aren’t aware of.
  • Discover where it came from and how it is playing out in your life right now, maybe you hang onto money for fear of no more coming in, maybe it’s a lack mentality or money just never sticks.
  • You will figure out why you have been so loyal to these patterns that aren’t serving you.

Then you will begin to change your money story to one that creates abundance, ease and flow and create some actions to start making that happen!

Go from fear & lack to worthy & wealthy!

Are you stuck in a pattern with money? Maybe it’s fear of not enough coming in, lack mentality, maybe it comes in but always goes out so it never sticks? Most of us are running patterns of money behaviour that are old habits and once you begin to uncover what your money story is and then begin to change it to a new empowering, abundant money story THEN things start changing for the better, more money, more flow, more easy! YES!!

This 5 part training & workbook will help you do just that!

Lesson 1 – Where does your money story come from? 

You have created a story about money, how it comes to you, how easy it is to make, weather its good or bad and this story is what is playing out in your life right, the thing is you’re probably not aware of it, your on auto pilot so until you bring awareness to it nothing is going to change!

Lesson 2 – How does this money story play out for you

This story you have, how is it playing out? What you believe to be true is playing out in your life right now, it might be a useful, abundant, empowering super money attractor story or not! Ask yourself how is my money situation right now, this is where your current story has got you to.

Lesson 3 – Why are you so loyal to money patterns that don’t serve you?

Why do you stay so loyal to money habits and patterns that don’t create wealth and abundance? Find out why in this session

Lesson 4 – The shift! – How to change that pattern

Ready for change? Creating wealth and abundance is a state of mind so let’s change that story into a new abundant money attracting story!

Lesson 5 – Creating your new money story and actions

Creating wealth comes from creating a new money story and taking new actions! You’ll learn how to do this in this session!

Ready to shift your money mindset?

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