Group Coaching

Get out of your way, get more clients & get visible 6 week group coaching programme!

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in your business 5 years ago I was working flat out in my holistic therapies business but I was making very little money, I didn’t really know what I was doing but what I did know was I wasn’t making the money. I thought I should be making more at this point in my business, surely? Like you I was thinking when am I going to start making decent money! There’s got to be more to running a business than just paying the bills. I cant go on much longer like this! I know there’s more out there for me but how do I reach my goals? What am I doing wrong. I knew I needed help.

So I took action and invested in a coaching programme and within a few months I had septupled (x7) my profit. I went from making £200 a month profit to making £2300 a month profit. I finally realised what it was like to have more money in my bank account! To have more clients, to have a system in place to attract clients and to finally have some guidance and support. It felt so good, I was finally able to treat my family and do more fun things, buy clothes! It was such a relief to let go of the struggle, I felt like finally I had become a businesswoman.


What if?

Imagine if you could uncover what limiting beliefs are blocking you from taking your business to the next level, stop getting in your own way and going round in circles and instead get more clients and make more money!

Imagine if you could work on your money mindset so you can begin to manifest more money for treats for the family, holidays, pay off that credit card thats been hanging round your neck for years!

Imagine if you could finally feel worthy of receiving more so you could attract more! Remember the universe only send you what you believe you are worthy of receiving!

Imagine if you knew exactly who your ideal clients and have a strategy to attract them so you could serve more of them and enjoy that wonderful feeling that comes with working with clients that you love to work with.

This is all possible for you on the 6 weeks get out of your own way, get more clients & get visible 6 week group coaching programme!

On the programme you will learn

Week 1

Goal/intention setting – This will be about creating your mission and vision. You’ll be doing a deep dive on what this means to you, the lifestyle it offers you and how to tap into the energy and qualities that matches that version of you now, so you can begin to attract those things to you. As always during this programme we will be using your human design chart to find the path of least resistance for you, your own energetic blueprint to creating your soul business

Week 2

What’s stopping you from attracting your soul clients – This is a deep dive into how you hold yourself back, you’ll uncover the story you’re holding onto that keeps you confused, procrastinating, not believing in yourself (whatever it is for you) and you’ll begin to create a new empowering story and belief that will act as a new powerful force to help you move forward. This week is all about strengthening you inner self and stepping into a new version of you, one that is ready to believe in her own magnificence and brilliance.

Week 3

How to attract your ideal clients – In this week I’ll teach you everything I know about how to attract your ideal clients; you’ll be given a host of questions to help you do some research to find out what your ideal clients want. I can’t tell you how important this is!! This information will then guide all of your social media and content creation. You’ll begin your journey to finding your clients ‘oh shit point’ and move into being a problem solver which makes you magnetic to your ideal clients. you’ll be looking at your human design strategy and authority to align yourself with the best route for you to take.

Week 4

Money mindset week! – Oh, how I love money mindset work! You will only attract more money if you have stong money mindset and this week you’ll be uncovering your old money story, patterns and habits and then create an action plan to start moving into that new energy! Kiss goodby to the old story of lack and not enoughness and move into the energy of abundance and allowance.

Week 5

Worthiness & receiving – This week you’ll be looking at how you receive, not just money but things like compliments, do you receive them or push them away, do you do the same with money? Worthiness is one of THE biggest things to work on if you really want to create success in your business. This week we will specifically be looking at the heart centre on your human design chart and you’ll be given a mantra to help you heal your worthiness wound

Week 6

How to get visible and grow your audience! – This final week we’ll be diving into how you can get more visible and begin to grow a tribe of clients who love everything you put out there, how you can get in front of your ideal clients and if you still have any resistance to this, I’ll help you shift it so that you can show up in a heart centred way that feels good to you The things is your clients really want you to be out there helping them a guiding them, but often your own fears and doubts stops you from doing just that! This is the week to change all that!

How, where & when

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Cost £350 


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