Group Coaching

Abundance activated training experience!

Are you ready to attract more money into your life? Create a new financial story and feel worthy and confident in creating more?

  • What if you could release your limiting beliefs about money and be a money magnet?
  • What if you had total clarity, confidence and unshakable self belief so that you could become a money magnet?
  • What if you could Create a new financial story one of abundance rather than lack?
  • Are you ready to create the freedom and abundance you desire?
  • Better still, what if I showed you a step-by-step programme that covers everything you need to do to get out of your own way and attract more money faster than doing it on your own?
  • Step into having a powerful wealth mindset!,Having a greater sense of self worth and self esteem and having the vibrational frequency of abundance more often!
  • And even better what if you could begin to shift from a lack mentality to a wealth mentality and release the fear of ‘not enough’ or guilt around earning more money?

What’s included?

  • Live training – Money mindset mastery, how to release your money blocks and create a wealth mindset to attract more abundance. 4 training sessions taken over 4 weeks.
  • Miraculous manifesting meditation
  • 5 steps to manifesting your ideal clients play sheet
  • Client attraction meditation
  • 21 Miraculous money affirmations
  • Printable panner to use through the experience
  • Miraculous money tracker
  • 10 ways to raise your vibration play sheet
  • Guide to using this bundle
  • BONUS training – How to identify let go fo self doubt and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Be wildly consistent, confident and skyrocket your success!

The money mindset mastery training is 4 modules over 4 weeks. The training is held in a private facebook group, you can watch the training at your leisure and return to them at any time.

Module 1

  • Identifying beliefs and where they came from
  • Money and the ego – understanding the ego’s role in lack
  • Dear money………

Module 2 

  • Forgiving your past money story
  • Identifying your money habits
  • Creating a new money story

Module 3 

  • Monet as an energy
  • How to be a limitless receiver
  • Tips, tools and practices for a wealth mindset

Module 4

  • Inviting money into your experience
  • Mastering the feeling of abundance
  • Conquering fear
  • Stepping into your future self
  • Energetic alignment mastery

You will receive links to the 2 meditations

All of the play sheets are PDF’s that are printable 

The BONUS training – How to identify let go fo self doubt and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Be wildly consistent, confident and skyrocket your success! Will also be help in a facebook group the same one as the money mindset mastery training. You can watch the training at your leisure and return to them at any time.

In this training Louise will take you on a journey to discover what is holding you back, and what you need to do to begin to unravel the story of self doubt and create unshakable self confidence.

The ego loves to stay loyal to a story and if you are feeling stuck then this story you have on repeat os probably not one that is helping you move forward (it”s the one you have on repeat in your head, the one that doubts everything you do, is fearful of putting yourself out there, procrastinating, confused, self sabotaging etc etc) The ego loves, safety  and security, it loves to be in control and it loves predicability. thats why when we try to create change fear and self sabotage creeps in

Louise will loving guide you to uncover your old story and begin to create a new empowering story, one where you feel more confident, empowered and aligned with exactly what you want to do in your business. In a safe an non judgemental environment you will begin to make shifts towards everything you desire.

All for an introductory price of £97! (usually £297)

Why choose me?

I have been there!! I have done this work. When i first started my business i was recovering form an eating disorder and poor physical health. I know what its like to do the mindset work, sometimes it a bit wobbly and there is often resistance but i will always lovingly guide you on this journey. There is no judgement here, only support and a sense of community. A tribe of women coming together to serve others and support each other. One thing i’ve learn on this journey is that support is key, I know that sometimes it feels like it’s only you that’s full or self doubt and scared to put yourself out there, confused, going round in circles and procrastinating but you are not alone. 

There is no more time to waste, the time is now

I truly cant wait to help you create all you desire!


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