Group Coaching

Welcome to the success accelerator 30 day group mastermind!

Hey fabulous female Soulpreneur!

 I see you…

Are you ready to….

Discover the beliefs you have that are holding you back from creating greater success

Feel more confidence and have a new found sense of self belief so that you can  free from the constant battle with self sabotage and holding yourself back from the success you deserve?

Feel confident, happily put yourself out there and share your unique gifts and talents with the world? – No more visibility fears!

Increase your self worth to increase your net worth?

Feel supported in your journey?

Supercharge your success and abundance?

  • What if you could release your limiting beliefs about yourself and what’s possible for you and begin to attract more clients?
  • What if you had total clarity, confidence and unshakable self belief so that you could supercharge your success?
  • What if you could create a new financial story one of abundance rather than lack?
  • What if you were able to create a new empowering story that allowed you to grow your business with ease and flow rather than struggle and lack?
  • Better still, what if I showed you a step-by-step programme that covers everything you need to do to get out of your own way and supercharge your success and financial freedom?
  • Step into having a powerful wealth mindset!. Having a greater sense of self worth and self esteem and having the confidence and self worth that enables you to supercharge your success?
  • And even better what if you could begin to heal your past wounds, shift those limiting beleifs and supercharge your self worth so you can skyrocket your success?

What’s included?

  • Where I am and where I want to be assessment, you’ll be sent a set of questions to help you uncover your biggest blocks to success
  • 4 individual group coaching sessions (up to 90 minutes each session) where we explore, really dig deep to get to the root of those blocks and begin to rewire then into a new and empowering story and therefore a brighter future.·
  • Access to me during the 4 weeks in a private Facebook group
  • Access to guided meditations – Includes client attraction & connection to your higher self and releasing limiting beliefs meditations

All for an introductory price of £250 (offer ends 1st March)

Why choose me?

I’m Louise Howard and I’m a spiritual success coach to heart-led entrepreneurs. I help you get out of your own way, create a mind-set that works FOR your success rather than against it and help you create clarity, ease and abundance in your business.

You absolutely CAN create a profitable business doing what you love and serving others!

We all have a unique gift that only each of YOU can share with the world and it is my passion to help you get out there and serve more clients – the world needs your unique gifts! I am here to hold your hand every step of the way!

I have experienced massive transformation in my life & biz including overcoming anorexia 7 years ago as well as a minefield of limiting beliefs, quitting my corporate job and setting up my own business. I have a psychology degree, have trained in psychotherapy and I’m a holistic get out of your own way coach.

I was on the struggle bus for years, not making any money in my business, so i know what its like to feel frustrated that you’re feeling stuck and not moving forward as fast as you’d like, but the more i worked on my mindset the more things began to shift, now my passion is helping other soulpreneurs get off the struggle bus and create financial freedom because lets face it abundance feels a whole lot better than struggle! Let me help you to free yourself from the limiting beliefs and stories and help you to supercharge your success!!

Are you are ready to stop playing small?


Next programme starts 2nd March 2020


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