Self Study Courses & Meditations

Would you like to attract more of your soul clients?

Do you spend most days wondering where your next client is coming from?

I spent 4 years in my business struggling to get clients and making very little money so I know what that feels like, basically it sucks!

It’s so frustrating knowing you can help people but you’re just not getting any takers. You’ve done all the training, been there yourself, gone through the whole journey and you’re putting yourself ‘out there’ but still no or very few clients.

In the 7 days to 7 soul clients training going to take you through the exact same process I used to go from having very few clients to a full holistic therapies practice and then having 3 therapist work for me.

Using the process I’m going to teach you, I went from making £200 a month profit to over £2500 a month profit. It’s not rocket science, you can do just the same.

You’ll learn all about how to create your ideal client avatar and how to create marketing that speaks to your ideal client.

You’ll learn how to shift the mindset blocks you have to attracting clients And you’ll learn how to align your energy using your human design strategy to attract clients with ease and flow!

All this for just £37

Whats included?

Client magnet meditation Soul client attraction strategy training & workbook
Beliefs tracker play-sheet
Master a magnetic client attraction mindset training
The energetically correct way for you to attract clients with your human design type
Discover if you’re a specific or non specific manifestor

You can watch the trainings live or catch the replay anytime. You can watch over & over again as often as you like!

You ready?

Lets do this!

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Once payment has been made you’ll be added to the Facebook group where the training is recorded and you can start straight away!

Guided meditations

Choose from a range of powerful meditations all to guide you into place of receiving more clients, success and abundance in your business!

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Creating wealth – Change your money story online course!

Go from fear & lack to worthy & wealthy!

Are you stuck in a pattern with money? Maybe it’s fear of not enough coming in, lack mentality, maybe it comes in but always goes out so it never sticks? Most of us are running patterns of money behaviour that are old habits and once you begin to uncover what your money story is and then begin to change it to a new empowering, abundant money story THEN things start changing for the better, more money, more flow, more easy! YES!!

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