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Find your ideal client masterclass!

Let me ask you this – Who is your ideal client? If you say EVERYBODY!! then you need to do this training!

When you don’t know who to market to, you end up marketing to everybody, and when you market to everybody you market to nobody!

Not knowing who your ideal client and marketing to everybody (Just marketing what you do) is the long hard slog route to getting fully booked. It will take you much longer and you’ll probably end up working with clients that aren’t your soul clients.

I know this because when I first started out as a therapist I knew nothing about running a business, let alone how to find my ideal clients. It took me a long time to get fully booked. I found myself working with clients who didn’t light me up and I became dejected and resentful. Once I found the formula of figuring out who my ideal client was and how to market to them I got a much higher quality of clients who were ready to commit to purchasing my services and they were all clients that I LOVED to work with.

Many entrepreneurs think they will be missing out if they limit themselves to one niche client but this isn’t the case.

I know you want to help and serve as many people as possible and you can! Once you become the go to person in your niche and you’ve nailed the process you can go ahead and do the same thing for another type of niche client.

Doing this work means that you position yourself as the go to person in your area to help your clients with whatever they need help with. When you know your ideal client you become a beacon to them. They will see you as the one person that can solve the problem they have. This masterclass will guide you through the steps to help you find your ideal client and get aligned with your perfet clients!

People don’t buy your service they buy the result they get from purchasing your service!

This masterclass contains

  • 25 Minute training video
  • Workbook
  • Access to a private facebook group to ask Louise any questions you may have.

You will get

  • Clarity on your ideal client
  • A clear idea of who they are, what the problem is you solve and where you can find them.
  • Support and advice form Louise via a private Facebook group.

Guided meditation

Getting into alignment with your business success!

This powerful meditation guides you to get into alignment with your business success so that you can attract more of it!

The more time that you can spend in the vibration of success means that you are giving yourself more time and space to align with receiving more success!! And who doesn’t want that!! You’ll be guided into a peaceful relaxed state before connecting with the source within you, affirmations will embed your success into every level of your being, before time for a deep powerful visualisation. Pure bliss!

Cost £9

Click the button below to make payment. The meditation will be emailed to you within 24 hours