Self Study Courses & Meditations

Would you like to attract more of your soul clients?

Do you spend most days wondering where your next client is coming from? Would you like to have a steady stream of clients all willing to pay for your services?

When I first started out as a therapist I knew nothing about running a business, let alone how to find my ideal clients. It took me a long time to get fully booked. I found myself working with clients who didn’t light me up and I became dejected and resentful. Once I mastered my mindset and found the formula of figuring out who my ideal client was and how to market to them i went from struggling to get clients to being fully booked, i found it so much easier to get clients who would sign up for 6 sessions there & then. I got a much higher quality of client who were ready to commit to purchasing my services and they were all clients that I LOVED to work with.

In this masterclass i help you to:

  • Create a client magnet mindset!
  • Help you get clear on exactly who your ideal client is
  • Give you the tools to uncover exactly what their pain point is (this is THE most important piece of work!)
  • How to attract more of your soul clients that will happily pay you to help them – holistically, with no hustle!

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Guided meditations

Choose from a range of powerful meditations all to guide you into place of receiving more clients, success and abundance in your business!

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Creating wealth – Change your money story online course!

Go from fear & lack to worthy & wealthy! – New course coming soon! Watch this space!