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Before I started working with Louise I was really struggling with my facebook marketing. I found it impossible to post consistently and had massive fear around doing facebook lives. I was utterly frustrated and didn’t understand why it was so difficult, the concept is simple enough.

I was keen to get to the root of this frustration and wanted to delve deeper into what was causing this unhelpful mindset.

Our work together brought to the forefront how I have hated being the centre of attention most of my life and helped me to reveal where this stemmed from so that I no longer fear being seen in public.

I am now achieving my goals on Facebook, connecting with clients more and getting seen by more people who may need my help to get out of pain and live a better quality of life. I have also joined a speakers club and I am about to put a marketing presentation together.

Not bad for someone who has been terrified of public speaking and has avoided being the centre of attention for most of her life!

I am grateful to Louise for her help and it has been great to work with somebody on a similar wavelength.

I happily recommend Louise to you if you need help getting out of your own way and are struggling to reach the next step on your business ladder.

Louise also has an array of practical strategies and tips to help you grow your business!


Gilly Rhodes

Before I started to work with Louise my head was a jumbled mess of thoughts and not feeling good enough or successful enough to help my coaching clients. I didn’t really have any reservations about working with Louise as I had got some much value from the free videos she did in the Facebook group.

Working with Louise has been great! Louise really helped me get my mindset in a good place, helped me discover some limiting beliefs and now I feel able to move forward in my business. The best result I got from working with Louise is getting rid of limiting beliefs that were holding me back and stopping me making progress in my business!

Lyndsey Warren

Before working with Louise I was going round in circles blaming my past for my issues and not actually taking responsibility for resolving them. I used my past as an excuse to stagnate in my comfort zone so I could whine and moan instead of taking action.

I had no major reservations in working with Louise, only one slight worry that I was going to be confronting my deeper emotions and I was not sure how that would feel. Overall it felt like the right thing with the right person at the right time.

The process of working with Louise has been really good, Louise encourage me (not easy at times) to delve into my thoughts and feelings and come up with my own answers and suggestions, I was guided at times but never led and the whole process was so powerful and enlightening. Things I though were an issue turned out to be minor and other things surfaced that were the real problem. Loved getting ‘homework’ to do as it kept me on track.

The best result i’ve got from working with Louise is that I’ve got out of my own way and learned how to work with my mind monster/ego instead of fighting it all the way which is so much more peaceful and less stressful. It means no more sitting moaning, instead I am getting out of my comfort zone and working hard to achieve what I know I am capable of and that excites me in a way not much has for many years in my work.

Sarah Bolitho

I wanted to expand my massage and energy work business that I had recently started. I had tried working on a launch with colleagues for the energy work but nothing came of it. I knew I needed to pick myself up, try again, put myself out there and step up into launching myself. Most of all I wanted to get my Watsu (aquatic massage) work going but felt confused as to which direction to go and overwhelmed by all the things that needed doing and learning. I felt willing to go through all the resistance I knew would come up and wanted support and guidance to help me through.

I had seen Louise going live posting in the group quite a few times, and I could sense how genuine, down to earth, straight forward and enthusiastic she is. I went in to the consult with Louise already knowing I wanted to work with her.

Louise has been very supportive, she have great ideas, feedback and is so very encouraging of me and my dreams. She bring clarity and simplicity along with unwavering enthusiasm. For me that is a winning combination 🙂

The best things that has happened from working with Louise is the courage to go for my dreams and to take Watsu to Barbados! To keep going through the resistance and the calls of ego that it can’t be done. Louise provided exactly the support I was looking for. And the 90 day plan proved to be a brilliant support for me in focusing on what I truly want and going for that. It broke through the inertia and confusion caused by trying to make too much happen all at once.

Thank you so much Louise, you are an amazing coach and I look forward to taking your money workshop when you decide to launch it.

Sarah Pointer

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