About me

It can feel hard to create financial freedom when you’re a coach or a healer. 

I worked for 4 years in my business, working really hard, taking on every client I possibly could, even if I didn’t really enjoy working with them. I was burnt out and ever had any money for fun things or treats. I thought, surely there has to be more out there for me, but I didn’t know how to break out of the struggle cycle. It was time to get off the struggle bus!

I signed up for a 2 year business coaching programme to help me learn everything I needed to know about attracting clients into my business. Then I joined a mindset coaching programme and did my foundation year in psychotherapy. Over the course of a year I went from making £200 a month profit to making £2200 a month profit. £5k months came not long after that.


I know what it’s like to feel there’s more out there for you and there is! You can achieve your income goals, all you have to do is get out of your own way! Your inner world creates your outer world so to change the outer world you have to go within! When you do this the payoff is huge because when you fully embody your sense of self worth and 100% recognise your gifts and talents and how you transform your clients lives your business will skyrocket. 

It’s all about owning your power and getting fully in alignment with your desires. 

It’s about creating soulful success, with ease, flow and an abundance of manifesting magic that comes with owning your truth. 

And ALL of these things are within you, right now, you just have some conditioning that’s preventing you from seeing it!

You are a unique, powerful goddess with gifts that are supposed to serve the world

It’s time to stop playing small and create your dream business and income!

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“The best things that has happened from working with Louise is the courage to go for my dreams and to take Watsu to Barbados! To keep going through the resistance and the calls of ego that it can’t be done. Louise provided exactly the support I was looking for. And the 90 day plan proved to be a brilliant support for me in focusing on what I truly want and going for that. It broke through the inertia and confusion caused by trying to make too much happen all at once.”

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