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Just because you’re great at what you do, doesn’t mean you know how to run a business!

Like you when I first started my massage therapy business I was so passionate about my work but I was making a lot of business mistakes, I had no clue who my ideal client was, no clue about marketing, I doubted my abilities and worried about what my clients would think about my treatments.

After battling with this for some time (and not making any money!) I realised that the struggle had more to do with how I felt about myself, and the fact I knew nothing about how to grow a business. I started working on my own inner story. I had deep worthiness issues that were affecting everything in my business. I was deep in the story of I’m not good enough.


I started work with an amazing business & mindset coach and did a year of psychotherapy training and things began to change.

I realised where my deep insecurities had come from, and began to change these ideas I had about myself. I began to believe in myself. I started to listen to my soul voice. I began to see where I was blocking my own ability to create a successful business. I subconsciously wasn’t allowing myself to shine.I began to realise that I was capable of serving people in a big way, that I was enough. That everything I had learnt along the way, my own battle with an eating disorder, all of the training I had done could really help my clients and I started to put myself out there confidently, owning my gifts & talents. I learnt how to get clients and grow a business. Not only did I feel more confident I went from just making ends meet, to £5k+ months, and money worries were a thing of the past. 

If this is you right now, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to play small anymore, your stop has arrived and it’s time to get off the struggle bus!. The ONLY way to succeed is to know yourself and how you get in your own way. To uncover the beliefs and stories that are holding you back and transform them into new empowering stories that propel you forward. 

And then you need to learn some business strategy!

I know exactly what it takes to be fully booked as a coach and therapist because I’ve been doing for 5 years now. And it has nothing to do with working longer hours or sleazy sales tactics. It’s about doing the inner work, getting to the root cause of why you do all the things that stop you from creating your dream business and aligning your energy to receive all you desire!

This is what I want to help you to do!


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